40-hour Basic Mediation training ONLINE and asynchronous

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40-hour Basic Mediation training ONLINE Asynchronous training
Start anytime and work at your own pace!!!
AFMS has partnered with Family Mediation Canada to offer this 40-hour basic mediation training:

All AFMS designations (PM, RFM, RPCA) require a 40-hour basic mediation course as part of the requirements.

Meet your Instructor

Dr. Michael Saini’s scholarship addresses the intersections of law and social work and the advancement of children and families’ wellbeing in systems governed by law. Dr. Saini has generating new knowledge regarding the assessment of coparenting; the complexity of strained parent-child relationships; the impact of interparental conflict; the use of technology to support parent-child relationships; the crossover cases of child protection and child custody disputes; and social-work perspectives on law as socially embedded phenomena. Dr. Saini is a Board Member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, an Associate Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, Lifetime Member of Family Mediation Canada, Associate Member of Ontario Association of Family Mediation and an Editorial Board Member for the Family Court Review and the Journal of Divorce and Remarriage. Dr. Saini has over 200 publications, including books, book chapters, government reports, systematic reviews and peer-reviewed journal articles. In 2019, Dr. Saini was awarded the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts’ Stanley Cohen Distinguished Research Award, sponsored by the Oregon Family Institute.

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