AFMS membership partnership with Family Mediation Canada (FMC)

AFMS and the Board of Directors are excited to announce our recent membership partnership with Family Mediation Canada (FMC). This partnership gives AFMS members access to the membership rate for FMC's many webinars and trainings, their group insurance policy, a profile on their website and national recognition for mediation certification if sought. Below is the announcement FMC sent out in early April, 2022:

It is with a great sense of pride that Family Mediation Canada (FMC) is announcing our partnership with the Alberta Family Mediation Society (AFMS). This partnership has been evolving over the past year and focuses on enhancing the strengths of both organizations along with offering Alberta family mediators the opportunity to complete the national certification to have their qualifications recognized both provincially and Canada-wide.

AFMS members who choose to opt-in to this partnership will now have access to numerous perks such as the FMC group insurance policy, access to trainings and webinars at our membership rate, a Canada-wide professional network and they will be featured on both AFMS and FMC websites.

While members may choose to maintain their current AFMS designation, they will also have the opportunity to be certified by FMC with our national certifications. It will also mean that AFMS members are now able to seek an Elder Mediation certification from FMC (a designation not previously represented at AFMS).

We give a warm welcome to all our new Albertan members and extend our gratitude to our existing members, without whom, such momentum would not have taken place.

Should representatives of other provincial associations wish to discuss similar partnerships and collaborations with us, we encourage them to contact us.