Help For Parents

  • Alberta Legal Coaches & Limited Services

    Alberta Legal Coaches & Limited Services is a website operated by the Alberta Legal Coaches and Limited Services Society. 89 verified lawyers are listed in our directory.

    This website is provided as a free service to Albertans seeking limited scope legal services. Lawyers do not pay to be listed, nor does our Society receive any referral payments.

    In other words, we’re trying to help those people who do make enough money that they don’t qualify for Legal Aid or Legal Clinics, or still want to consult a private lawyer, but can’t afford a lawyer to handle every aspect of their dispute, and would otherwise be representing themselves and lost in the legal system.

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  • Getting Through the Breakup Earthquake

    We call this the breakup earthquake. Depending on its seismic force, anger, sadness and confusion can rumble through a family. At the very least, the breakup earthquake weakens family structure and relationships. At its worst, it can tear apart families the same way an earthquake tears apart buildings, bridges and the ground.

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  • Parenting After Separation (PAS)

    Parenting After Separation (PAS) is a course mandated by Alberta Justice for separated and/or divorcing parents with children under 16 years of age. This workshop will help parents in understanding the process and effects of separation on children and will encourage parents how to make positive choices about how they will continue to parent their children after separation. The course is available as an eCourse that can be completed in sections and can take approximately 3 hours to complete the entire course. The eCourse offers information to parents about the separation and divorce process, the effects of separation and divorce on children, techniques for communication and legal information that affects parents and children.

  • Making Plans

    A guide to parenting arrangements after separation or divorce. How to put your children first . Department of Justice, Canada

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  • Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta

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