LESA’s Mediation of Family & Divorce Conflicts

The Legal Education Society of Alberta offers a 40-hour, specialized mediation of family & divorce conflicts course in Calgary each year. Registration for the 2024 course has not yet opened but the dates will be November 18-22, 2024 in Calgary. Keep an eye on the LESA website (link below).

Mediation is increasingly important in the practice of family law. Receive 40 hours of intensive, hands-on skills training in this in-depth, 5-day program. Develop the skills, knowledge, and understanding to build a competent and professional mediation practice.

Topics include:

• 5-stage mediation model
• Techniques of developing relationships in mediation
• Positional negotiation vs. interest based negotiation
• 5 basic negotiating principles
• Screening
• Intake interviews
• Mediation/arbitration agreements
• Calculating child support
• Spousal support – advisory guidelines

“I learned so much and have been utilizing the skills daily, both personally and professionally.” Past Attendee

“I believe that this is an essential program for any family lawyer, regardless of whether they intend to practice as a Mediator or not. It changes how you think and how you communicate. We can become jaded in what we do, and the check-in and reset is invaluable.” Past Attendee

“If you’re serious about becoming a family mediator this course is for you. It is amazing how much I learned in those 5 days.” Past Attendee

This program has limited enrolment.

Mediation of Family & Divorce Conflicts satisfies the 40-hour "Specialized Training" component of several of the AFMS designations (especially all the RFM designations). It does NOT satisfy the 40-hour Basic Mediation requirement. Basic Mediation should be taken BEFORE this course.