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Are you an active mediator, mediator-in-training or someone with a strong interest in alternative dispute resolution?

Consider joining us with a membership in the Alberta Family Mediation Society.

Membership Benefits

  • Professional Designations - General Membership (GM) in AFMS includes the opportunity to apply for designation as a Registered Family Mediator (RFM), a Practising Mediator (PM), or a Registered Parenting Coordinator and Arbitrator (RPCA).
  • AFMS Website - In addition to information of interest to family mediators, the AFMS website provides the general public with comprehensive search facilities to locate specific mediators in their area. This directory is a list of all qualified mediators with a short biography on each RFM, PM and RPCA.
  • Province-Wide Referrals - AFMS, through the Find A Mediator function on the AFMS website and the toll-free phone line (1-877-233-0143), provides province wide referrals of qualified mediators to the public.
  • Professional Code of Conduct - The AFMS supports the highest standards of practice for family mediators and as such has developed and provides its members with a Professional Code of Conduct.
  • Membership Certificates - Current members can request an electronic certificate of membership.
  • Annual Conference - The annual conference is AFMS’ premiere event, featuring informed and innovative speakers discussing up-to-date developments in family mediation.
  • AFMS and Family Mediation Canada (FMC) have a new partnership (April 2022) whereby current members of AFMS can opt in for automatic General Membership with FMC at no extra cost. Details on the AFMS application forms. (

Membership Categories

A. General Member
Anyone interested in the field of mediation is welcome to join AFMS as a General Member.
To become a General Member, simply print and complete the Application Form and return it to our offices along with the required membership fee.

B. Practising Mediator
All Practising Mediators (PMs) must meet A – D criteria. Read more

C. Child Consultant
The Child Consultant designation (CC) and the -Child Inclusive Specializations (-CI) reflect a commitment to include children’s voices in the Mediation or Parent Coordination/Arbitration process to which they are subject. Read more

D. Registered Family Mediator
Mediators with significant experience and training may qualify for Registered Family Mediator (RFM) status in one or more of our 4 specialty areas:

Important information for Registered Family Mediators:
Three real mediation reports (identifiers removed) are required for each specialty area.  Here are some examples of acceptable mediation reports:  Complete Example, Incomplete Example 1, Incomplete Example 2

E. Registered Parenting Coordinator and Arbitrator
The role of a Registered Parenting Coordinator and Arbitrator (RPCA) is to facilitate communication and cooperation between parents for the purpose of effectively co-parenting their children. An RPCA’s role includes facilitation, education and consultation and involves meeting with the parents to establish cooperative parenting plans and to assist in dispute resolution using mediation skills. Read more

F. Student Membership
General Membership with AFMS is available to full-time students at a reduced fee.
To become a General Member as a student, simply print and complete the Application Form and return it to our offices along with the reduced membership fee. General Member Application Form for Students

Membership Renewals

Existing members wishing to renew their AFMS membership click here to renew your membership.


Applicants requiring professional liability insurance, if they do not have it through their current employer, can get it through the Family Mediation Canada group insurance plan. Membership with FMC is required ($140/year). Go to